Negative Archives- Cats and Dogs, 2005

I’ve started pulling together and scanning negatives from my early days of shooting film. These 2 images just happened to be the first that showed up. It’s funny that I’m now realizing that these images are really good and should no longer stay locked away.

While at university, I never showed this work because I never really knew how to put it together in series. I couldn’t figure out a theme in my shooting because I was always- and still am too curious about photographing everything I see. 

I can use this space to broadcast out to  people that I’ve photographed over the years that haven’t ever seen these pictures. But, mainly, this is an exploration into my own past to recall my pretty interesting life, and the progression of my photographic practice. 

These two images are a self portrait of sorts. My self is represented in both of these. 

Dog, Surf Bar, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 2005

Cat, Good Taste Cafe, New York, 2005

Good news- I looked both of these places up and they both seem like they’re open, still!


I took a trip to visit my brother in New York around 2005. I was about 23 and I remember you couldn’t smoke in bars in New York at that point which was very strange to me. Chicago would end up following that lead a couple years later. 


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