LAB14 - Group Show in Venice Italy

Last night was the opening of the LAB14 art show put on by Malamegi Lab. The show will be on display at Imagoars Gallery in Venice, Italy through January 30, 2020. This opportunity marks the first time that I have exhibited work internationally.  Though I couldn’t be there last night I was there in spirit! I will be sure to post to link to the event pictures as soon as they are up. 

Malamegi LAB 14 International Art Contest
Final exhibition

Thursday 16th January 2020, h18:00
Opening days: 16-30 January 2020
Campo del Ghetto Vecchio 1145 Cannaregio, Venice - Italy

Cornelia- Show

Thanks to all the family and friends that made it out to Cornelia Arts Center last night. I really appreciate your support.

I received so much great feedback about the work and I hope to continue to exhibit it. So, if you have any ideas where I could show this work; cafe’s, bars, your office building??, your basement??? please reach out and let me know. 

Also, if you have any feedback or would like to get in touch about some work you are still thinking about, feel free to say hello. 

See below for a selection of purchased prints! 

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