Stories Behind the Image: Sears Tower

In 2008, while working for an electrical contractor in Chicago, I was working at a project in one of Chicago’s downtown high rises called Tailor Lofts. The building was located at 315 S Peoria St. between Jackson Blvd and Van Buren St. It was mostly vacant and run down, but also served as an artists studio for students of the University of Illinois in Chicago. During the demolition phase of the project. After exploring the building, I came across this scene that held so much impact for me that the next day I brought my camera to document the scene. This image depicts an empty shell of a room with the Sears tower (then Sears, now Willis) through the dirty and tattered window blinds and the experience ignited a decades long document of the various expansive downtown city views that I would be fortunate enough to access. 

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